Lebanon car bomb kills two Hezbollah members security

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BAALBEK: A suicide car bomb attack killed four people late Sunday in an area dominated by Hezbollah near the Syrian border, a Lebanese security source told AFP. The attack in the Bekaa Valley was claimed by the Al-Nusra Front in Lebanon, as well as by a little known extremist group based in the region. The bomb killed two Hezbollah members, including local official Abdel Rahman al-Qadi, and a woman and her husband who... 

Car bomb kills at least 3 in Lebanon

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BEIRUT: A car bomb blew up Saturday near a gas station in northeast Lebanon, killing at least three people, officials said. The bomb was the second to hit the town of Hermel, in the latest attack that appeared linked to the war in neighboring Syria. Lebanon´s Red Crescent said three were killed and another 18 wounded. The organization initially reported that four people were killed, but later revised the number downwards. Eyewitnesses... 

Shells fired from Syria kill 7 in Lebanon town security

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BAALBEK: Shells fired from war-torn Syria killed seven people, including five children, when they rained down on the Lebanese border town of Arsal on Friday, Lebanese officials said. The deaths came as at least 20 rockets and shells launched from Syria hit border areas in the eastern Lebanon Bekaa Valley, which has seen frequent violence related to the Syrian conflict. “Seven people were killed and 20 others injured... 

Israel fires 20 shells on south Lebanon security

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MARJEYOUN: The Israeli military fired about 20 shells into southern Lebanon on Sunday without causing any damage after rockets were launched in the opposite direction, a Lebanese security official told AFP. The barrage came after the Israeli military said it had responded to rockets that reportedly struck an open field west of the town of Kyriat Shmona without causing any casualties or damage. View full post on www.geo.tv  Read More →

Explosion hits near Hezbollah base in east Lebanon

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BEIRUT: A suicide car bomb went off near a Hezbollah base in eastern Lebanon early on Tuesday, officials said, the latest in a wave of deadly attacks that have targeted the militant group´s interests in Lebanon. The Lebanese National News Agency said the bomber detonated his vehicle in the remote area of eastern Bekaa Valley near the village of Sbouba in the Baalbek region, about two kilometers (a mile) from a base... 

Israeli military says soldier killed in shooting along Lebanon border

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JERUSALEM: An Israeli soldier was killed by sniper fire from Lebanon on Sunday evening, the Israeli army said in a statement early Monday. “The Israel Defence Forces officially confirms that an IDF soldier was shot while driving along the Israeli-Lebanese border, near Rosh Hanikra,” it said. “The soldier was treated at the scene and was then evacuated to a hospital. He later died of his wounds.” “Initial... 

Hezbollah commander killed outside home in Lebanon

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Lebanon town braces for new flood of Syria refugees

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ARSAL: The Lebanese farming town of Arsal, already inundated with Syrian refugees, is bracing for another influx as the brutal civil war creeps over the horizon just across the border. The town has long been linked to Syria by well-worn smuggling paths over the mountains, now used by thousands of refugees fleeing the latest offensive by President Bashar al-Assad’s troops. The latest wave have fled from Qara, a... 

Iranian delegation heads to Syria Lebanon

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Israel strikes in Lebanon after rocket attack

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